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Monday, October 20, 2008

THE NODE - first draft completed - what it's about...

THE NODE, by Tito Perdue
a synopsis

Imagine that everything that could have gone wrong has gone wrong. Imagine that society has segmented itself into ethnic enclaves. Imagine further that the economy has collapsed altogether (this book was written many months before the current mess) and it has become necessary to revert to an agrarian way of life based upon barter and manual labor. Continuing on, imagine that the relation between the sexes has become mechanized, the environment has become irremediable and criminal activity has become necessary for survival. Imagine finally that our protagonist and a few companions have set out upon an endeavor to found an alternative society - the "node" - devoted to the perpetuation of ideals and high cultural standards. Still continuing on, imagine that these "nodists," properly so-called, comprise a problematic group whose mission has been made almost impossible owing to the extreme individualism of the participants.

(I will be posting exerpts in the near future - stay tuned)

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