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Monday, April 20, 2009

Benefits of Recession???

I do agree with those people, both of them, who believe the current recession offers renewed hope for the future of our society. Imagine, if you will, that twenty million illegal immigrants will have been inspired to return to the pullulating cesspools they have established in the lands of their origin, all to the benefit of our domestic morality and degree of civilization. More exciting still, imagine that another twenty million LEGAL immigrants might also opt to deliver us from their presence!

While imagining, imagine that the recession might somehow eventuate in a better form of capitalism more approximate to authentic meritocracy. Imagine if cancer researchers earned more than Madonna, opera singers more than basketball players, brave soldiers more than pornographers. And while we are dreaming, imagine that good people were better rewarded in this country than the current crowd of multi-culturalists and other sub humans who mis- and diseducate our people from their positions at The New York Times, television, and Hollywood.

Real poverty, as Stacy McCain rightly notes, is never to be recommended. Impossible to live a thoughtful and productive life if one is locked into a cycle of unremitting drudgery which would entail the end of literature and music, romance and adventure, and everything good. It isn't poverty I wish, but rather the end of the sort of sumptuousness that dissolves self-discipline and grants giant fortunes to the worst people in our country - lowest common denominator capitalism that aims at the middle of the Bell Curve, and enriches pornographers and rap singers and basketball players but is indifferent to scholars and scientists and brave soldiers.

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