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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The New York Times Circles the Drain!

The New York Times! Has ever there existed in this hemisphere an institution more trusting of government than this one? Government is good – that’s just the way it is – but beware the people, many of whom have consented voluntarily to live outside the American Northeast.

I once undertook the task of adding up the projected cost of all the multifarious federal projects this newspaper demanded, but left off with it when the total surpassed the capacity of my admittedly inexpensive calculator. We’re talking real money here, most of which was to be directed to the 97% of the population deemed by the Times to be disadvantaged.

I do so hope The New York Times collapses economically, a denouement that balances and more than balances any sort of recession you care to postulate. New York Times! Failure is not just an option for that paper, but a civilizational requirement.



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