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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Our Country is SICK!

"It’s happened again. Sixteen illegals, represented by the Mexican-American Legal Defense Fund, sued rancher Roger Barnett in federal court for $32 million. In 2004, he collared the border jumpers and held them at gunpoint on his Cross Rail Ranch near Douglas, Arizona, until the Border Patrol arrived. One of them was a previously deported dope dealer. Since 1998, he has detained 12,000 for the Border Patrol. Illegals have trashed his property, killed livestock, stolen trucks, and even broken into his home. Because they kept wrecking an 8,000-gallon water tank, he installed a faucet so they could get something to drink.Still, in February, the jury in the case awarded four of the plaintiffs a total of $78,000: $7,500 apiece for two of them because Barnett inflicted “emotional distress,” $1,400 each for two more because of his “assault,” and $60,000 in punitive damages…” (R. Cort Kirkwood)

So this is what it comes to, a once-great nation caught in the act of suicide. Were we still a healthy society, these interlopers, instead of being granted court damages, would be rendered into rather tiny pieces by high-power ordnance the moment they stepped across the line. Healthy society? In fact our country is sick unto death and will not last the night.

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