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Friday, October 30, 2009

And more on decadence...

What was the behavior of good people, the few that remained, in late Roman Empire days? Or, more urgently, how should decent people behave in 2009 when we have fifty-year-olds still attending rock concerts, nostalgicizing Star Trek, lamenting John Lennon, reading Stephen King – a generation that cannot and never will become authentic adults? Shall we also mention those with three divorces who end up in a blended family comprising three husbands, two wives, the gardener, pets, neighbors, and clones? May we talk about high school graduates who don’t know how to wear a baseball cap, who weigh twice too much, about new style women chasing capital gains, 12-year-olds dreaming of rectal intercourse, tax-sponsored therapy for those as can’t wipe themselves, popular “music” as the most perfect distillate of mass ignorance ever yet devised, of new and ingenious forms of Anglo-demotionism designed to punish the inventors of the West, may we, pray, talk about these matters. No? Of immigration policies calculated to recruit civilization’s most active enemies and bring them here? Can we talk?
Or is it more useful to think about those two or three hundred souls (like mine obviously), who have wasted so much time trying to hold decadence at bay? How, really, should we respond to a dwindling culture that once held the world in envy and imitation? Ought we secede from current affairs, turn off our television sets, retreat into rural areas or tiny towns with small populations, cultivate our own talents and dedicate our last decade(s) - (it is taken for granted here that no one under the age of 50 can possibly know what it is to have lived in a normal society) – and dedicate our final years, as I was saying, to our spouses, our books, good music and dogs?
Yes we should.
(How to go about this project will be detailed in future messages, assuming the extraordinary number of responses hasn’t become too many for me to handle.)


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