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The Bent Pyramid


The world has descended into a post-modern quagmire of quotas, affirmative action, mob rule and degeneracy. High in the mountains of North Carolina lies "The Ark," in which are gathered a select coterie of individuals from varying fields and backgrounds, united only by their intelligence and desire to be sequestered from the hellish society beyond the complex's walls. They spend their days debating and making use of the most expansive and expensive library known to man. However, they have another purpose in mind, one which the Founder has spent his amassed fortune fermenting, one which would right the balance and put the world back on track.

In this work, Tito Perdue uses his highly idiosyncratic style to conjure a world not too far in the future, or perhaps one that is already upon us, seen through the eyes of those ill-adapted to such a progressive climate.

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Arktos Media Ltd, Paperback, February 2018, ISBN: 978-1912079858