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The Engineer


This, the third volume in Tito Perdue's tetralogy, pulls the reader further into Young Albert Pefley's narrative, following his nascent career in engineering and many high-risk detours along the way. We follow Albert through his studies at the academy, where he finds professional favor, love, and a talent for boxing, up to New York and prestigious employment. But his soul lies in the South, and before long the Yankee lifestyle makes him hanker for the simple pleasures of William's house. The future is never simple for Albert however, and before long he finds himself chasing a dream on the Pacific, where many have tried their luck but few carry it through. A sweeping tale of youth's optimism and heartfelt values, The Engineer spans the breadth of a continent and put's Albert's determination to the greatest test so far.

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Arktos Media Ltd, Paperback, April 2016, ISBN: 978-1910524350