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Monday, May 4, 2009


Save in cases of self-sacrifice for a larger cause, suicide is generally frowned upon as a life (no pun intended) choice. How much the worse therefore for an entire culture to knowingly destroy itself, and especially so when that culture happens to be the most creative and affirmative in world history. I ask you to make a list of all the best things that civilization offers – political liberty, classical music, space travel, biotechnology, romantic love, film, medicine, religious tolerance, the writing of history, individualism, etc., etc., and you will quickly admit that at least 85% of these enjoyments have originated in the culture that you presently inhabit. Or would you prefer to live in Saudi Arabia?

I had expected western civilization to chose a quicker and more spectacular mode of suicide than the one that has actually been selected, namely the annual admission of millions of sub-standard folk fleeing the gehennas they have created in the lands they are abandoning. Soon, very soon, we will be witnessing televised animal sacrifice carried out by Rastafarians in our historic venues, the use of English will be outlawed, and our national cuisine will offer naught but tacos and frijole beans. But if you don’t believe me, watch this video.

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