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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Are we being socially engineered?

By now you will have noticed, dear reader, the enthusiasm with which TV advertisements these days have joined the Afro-promotionist project. Orders have come down from on high, and it is now barely legal to sponsor an advertisement, whether for toothpaste or penile extenders, without including at least 30% very well-dressed and confident-looking Negros in the mix. But if advertisers truly want to play it safe, it is highly advisable also to expose a strong women in a position of high authority, preferably if she can be shown barking out orders to a toadying white male.
A stranger to this land would assume from television that our society is under the absolute control of 30-something impatient-looking females in cahoots with no-nonsense black people with IQs in the 140-170 range. Social engineering via cathode ray tube? Bet your sweet ass it is.

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