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Monday, September 28, 2009

Health Care Proposal

Oh, good. We read that the president’s proposed health care bill will require every American subject to buy health insurance, and never mind whether he or she wants it or needs it, or approves of it, or whether he or she is on death row, or expects to expire within 24 hours, or whether she or he owns a hospital, or whether she or he is the sort of character who deserves such care. This proposal would bring advanced medicine to bear upon behalf of pedophiles, serial murderers, liberals, cocaine dealers, terrorists, and other like-minded sociopaths. I, who prefer to choose those whom I help, don’t want these people to get well, and certainly not at my expense. I want them to die.
But if the gov’mint can now require us to buy certain things, why not require us to buy a General Motors car (they need the money), or buy one of Obama’s books, or buy more broccoli, which is said to be so very good for us. How wonderful that Jefferson and Madison and Washington have not lived to see this day and be made to feel that their life’s work had failed.

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