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The Node Welcome to the Future.

The 21st century has come of age and it seems that everything that could have gone wrong has gone wrong. Propelled beyond the brink by environmental catastrophe, by social upheaval and the collapse of the monetary system, the American landscape has given way to a postmodern picaresque. In such a world, where violence has been normalized, sex has been mechanized, and where ethnic enclaves vie for the last remnants of power, one hapless pilgrim stands athwart the apocalyptic tide.

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Nine-Banded Books, Paperback, December 2011,
ISBN: 978-1616583514


"There is joy and proportion in the author's references, store of words, manipulation of images, jumbling of tenses and senses, in-jokes, his verbal and even typographical games. Behind his writing one senses the existence of a wide, wild hinterland bordered by volcanoes and with a staffage of perfect people, animals and cottages ornée. He never succumbs to portentousness, always a temptation for doomsayers... It would be a mistake to see Perdue as mere nostalgist, lost in some reverie of unrecapturable youth extrapolated into Spenglerian teleology. He looks forward almost as often as he looks back, in hope of 'a globe of a hundred thousand societies', in which people 'care more about people than stuff'."
   —Derek Turner, Quarterly Review (read the full review)

"The Node vividly illustrates the seeming paradox of totalitarian anarchy... Perdue displays a wicked sense of humor that lashes modern-day culture...The central question Perdue poses is blunt and disturbing: Can people reclaim their heritage when they've swallowed whole the belief system of those who seek to destroy them?"
   —Conservative Heritage Times (read the full review)

"One can guess that Perdue had considerable fun writing The Node. Though the magical realism, so abundant in his other works, is not as prevalent here, the novel does contain a number of inter-textual references and inside jokes (another characteristic of Perdue's fiction)."
   —A.W. MacCrinnan, Alternative Right (read the full review)

"The Node has a linear plot, peppered with amusing incidents as one follows the protagonist. The attraction is in Perdue's deadpan humour, literary style, and reactionary critique."
   —Alex Kurtagic (read the full review)

"Tito Perdue is a masterful writer... It was a long time since I read a novel that made me so happy. The book is first class written and there is a subtle sense of humor woven into the story. It is a brilliant social satire."
   —translated from the Swedish Gudomig Komedi (read the full review)