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A Lost Art, by Thomas Fleming, editor of Chronicles magazine
"Neither conservative nor liberal, but a reactionary radical, Tito Perdue has written some of the best satire on contemporary America, and he has put his criticism in the form of novels which can hold their own with the best postmodern fiction."

Lee Pefley—Sociopath and Sage, by Derek Turner, editor of Quarterly Review
"The unlikeable, unforgettable character of Lee Pefley embodies a paradox—that some of those who seem by today's standards to be the most acerbic, the most misanthropic, the most 'irrelevant' and 'out of touch' may secretly be the greatest idealists of all."

Tito Perdue Interviewed by Derek Turner, editor of Quarterly Review
"Lee would have the greatest respect and sympathy for anyone striving to repair the system from within, even if he also believes such people are on schedule to fail."

Tito Perdue, A Lost Literary Genius, by Jim Knipfel, New York Press
"What I despise about contemporary literature is that the prose has no character. It's like a glass of water—it's not bad, but it's not memorable. There are no phrases that you remember."